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Your Lighting Manufacture is in the Best Hands with Us

Leuchtenfertigung von Pfeifer und Seibel

We, at Pfeifer und Seibel, would be pleased to undertake your luminaire mounting: Our specialists assemble the final luminaires at highly modern assembly lines.

We always meet the latest technological standards. That is how we ensure an automated material feed and removal, as well as the availability of a fully automated test station. Our Kanban system ensures a constant and sufficient availability of modules and components. A high flexibility ensures our delivery reliability.

We equip boards and SMD electronics for customers from almost all sectors according to individual specifications. Our expertise in the manufacturing of LED-equipped circuit boards is one of our distinguishing features. We make high-qualitative products by means of highly modern machinery, well-trained professionals and optimised production processes.

A professionally coordinated material and production flow enables a just-in-time production.

LED Lighting Manufacture by Proven Experts

Just as with our electronics manufacturing you, as a customer, profit within the complete production process of lighting manufacture from our many years of experience in the field of LED special lighting solutions and from our qualified assembly personnel. Before our products get sent on their final way to you they have to pass a comprehensive review. The assembly capacity of our lighting manufacture ranks at 300,000 luminaires per year.

Our many years of experience also enable us to conquer complex assembly tasks and guarantee a maximum of professionalism and quality. It is a perfect assembly that completes a well-made luminaire.

Contact us! We do not only assemble a mere lighting, but a harmonious overall concept for a perfect illumination of your workplace, property or private premises.

Special Lighting by professionals: PS-Leuchten (PS-Luminaires).

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