Professional Lighting Design Is Pure Emotion

Lichtplanung vom Experten

Light lets us experience the fascinating world of colours and shapes and creates a direct connection to everything that is associated with it.

EMS solutions playfully create a natural wellbeing, give energy or draw our attention to the essential. You can emphasise the distinctive charm of a building by the use of Special Lighting. It can create magical moments and a unique atmosphere at an event. With a sophisticated LED special lighting solution a moment can turn into a holistic experience.

Light defines atmosphere and aesthetics and forms the unique character of its surroundings. With attention to details the experts at PS-Leuchten (PS-Luminaires) combine the topics of operation optimisation, interior design and architecture to fascinating and living symphonies of lighting design. Offices with modern Industrial Lighting are tomorrow’s workplaces. Take advantage of the breath-taking attributes of a perfectly planned lighting design and create fascinating working and living places with us!

Lighting Design with Efficient Project Management

In order to realise your vision perfectly in time we control and coordinate every single service phase. While we ensure a professional project schedule, you will always be kept up to date. The process to realise a new lighting concept is divided into individual components. It does not matter whether you want us to create the perfect illumination of your premises or your building, or personally want to invite your employees or customers into a unique experience of light, architecture and emotion.

Our lighting design project schedule:

  • Consulting & conception

See, understand and comprehend: At first, our interdisciplinary project team analyses the task with you, and if necessary with participating trades, as well as specialist services, and researches all relevant basic information. We define the goals that need to be reached and adjust the following process in full transparency.

Individually customised to your project PS-Leuchten (PS-Luminaires) develops a detailed lighting concept for you with the help of network partners. We consider all interfaces within the planning and display them separately.

The EMS solutions will be explained, documented and adjusted in all detail with its necessary scope of services and the chosen range of products. To be able to visualise the function and effect of our planning, we digitalise your object and create a photorealistic and three-dimensional representation of the lighting scenarios.

In preparation for the correct assembly and realisation of modules and components, we develop all necessary technical CAD drawings and performance or component plans.

  • Supply

As a central service provider we supply all modules and technical components necessary to implement the lighting design. This also entails all necessary tasks to complete the planning. Here, you will be able to see our claim for a perfect result in every detail.

  • Service

After the completion of your project we do not leave you alone and happily accompany you further concerning maintenance, repair and further development.

Read more about our comprehensive lighting design at Electronics Development.

Show Who You Are: LED Lighting Solutions in the Industry

Make the design of your building, offices or shop your own trademark. You can show employees and customers your unmistakeable and target-group-specific identity with a symbiosis of architecture, furnishing and appealing lighting design.

Motivate your employees and increase their commitment by an ideal work environment. Present your products customer-oriented and, with that, increase your sales.

With Light to Perfection: Special Design for Architects

As an architect or interior designer, let yourself be enriched by our expertise and present your customers individualised and professionally prepared lighting and design concepts. We support you in effectively emphasising your excellent planning with our services. Working together with you, we make detailed planning guides with CAD technology or develop impressive visualisation models. Feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to working with you!                                              

Your claim is our task. PS-Leuchten (PS-Luminaires) accepts the challenge!



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