Ergonomic LED Lights for Industrial Workplaces

Bei der Planung der Beleuchtung von Industriearbeitsplätzen sollte auf ältere Mitarbeiter geachtet werden.
When planning LED lights for industrial workplaces, older employees should be considered.

The illumination of industrial workplaces needs to meet a variety of demands. It shall allow for a high productivity and quality, however, at the same time take the health and safety of employees into account. The right lighting enables to increase the employees‘ power of concentration and their quality of work.

As proven in studies, a good lighting of industrial workplaces can increase performance and motivation. Employees stay mentally fit longer and tire less quickly. The increased power of concentration leads to a higher quality in work; the error rate decreases. Thus, the risk of accidents at work decreases as well.

The lighting demand of humans increases with age – while young people find a lower illuminance to be comfortable, older people need a significantly higher amount of Lux for the same work. Nowadays, where flexible working time models and rotating tasks in teams are on the agenda and where one workplace is used by several employees, it should be a standard to be able to individually adjust the lighting to the area of activity.

It is worth to invest in an optimum LED lights for industrial workplaces. Higher performance, less fatigue, less rejects and much less accidents.

For years, Pfeifer und Seibel has been intensively addressing ergonomic, high-performance lighting solutions for industrial workplaces. Our experts are continuously dealing with new developments and, based on that, conceptualise solutions for ergonomic and efficient LED lights for industrial workplaces, oriented to the users‘ needs.

An example for this are the dynamic workplace luminaires for laboratory benches and assembly tables, that can adjust to their surroundings and the actual needs of the user. This is how Pfeifer und Seibel creates the perfect LED light for industrial workplaces – and with that the base for productive work. Built with reliable technology and trusted LED modules, luminaires by Pfeifer und Seibel are absolutely maintenance-free. This makes them variable and economic alternatives to conventional luminaires.

Get to know more about how Pfeifer und Seibel’s lighting experts can offer you an in-depth support when planning your industrial lighting. Here, you can find our products for an optimum lighting result.

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