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Increase Quality of Work with an Ideal Polishing Booth Lighting

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Project description:

Specific visual tasks are crucial for the right choice of lighting. These tasks are primarily determined by size, shape and speed of operation of the products.


In order for the polishing experts to be able to ensure a very smooth surface of the K+G machines, all the cogs must perfectly mesh. A crucial requirement for this is ideal polishing booth lighting. Most of the time there is almost no daylight in polishing booths and windows can only be found on one side. The polishing booth lighting, specifically developed by Pfeifer und Seibel, creates a bright and even illumination and, thus, is a prerequisite for precise and save working.

An ideal polishing booth lighting increases wellbeing and efficiency

Additionally, an ideal illumination increases employees’ wellbeing. They are more focused, fatigue slower, can work free from error and, thus, are even more motivated, productive and efficient. In reverse, this ensures ideal polishing and grinding results. The homogeneous light shines glare-free with a colour temperature of 4000 K and 1,000 Lux, thus, the grinding pattern can be examined easier, quicker and a lot safer. Even smallest mistakes in the grinding pattern can be found.

Due to the heavy impact of dust, the polishing booth lighting has been equipped with a protection against dust. This and the use of especially long-lasting LEDs ensure low maintenance costs and counteract unplanned interruptions of work.

Customer statement:

„Our aim was to optimise the ergonomics when grinding, as well as the quality of the surfaces. Due to better polishing booth lighting we are now able to examine the grinding pattern easier, quicker and a lot safer. This makes our work even better. At the same time, we significantly reduced the noise level in the booths by using specifically sound-absorbing walls.”

Marco Beimborn, Plant Manager at K+G Wetter.

Lighting requirements:

Minimum standards according to EN 12464-1:

  • Em = 750 lx
  • UGR = ≤ 22
  • Ra = ≥ 80

Planning criteria:

  • Dust-proof luminaires
  • Suitable covering for grinding workplaces
  • High lighting quality

About the customer:

K+G Wetter is a worldwide demanded partner for the production of high-qualitative and reliable machines for the processing of meat. In the central Hessian Breidenstein, the company develops and produces advanced cutters, grinders and mixers in a high quality and with a sophisticated technology.

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