PS MultiLED – IP20 machinery luminaire


  • Rotatable luminaire for aligning the light
  • Robust metal angles made of stainless steel – no bursting when tightening the screws
  • A transverse and longitudinal groove on the mounting brackets ensure easy installation with optimum flexibility
  • No operating device necessary – direct connection to 230 V
  • Selection without switch and with open cable ends or with switch and safety plug

Product features:

  • High voltage LED technology
  • Protection class IP20
  • 230 Volt

This Machine lamp without operating device delivers world-class lighting with excellent specifications and robust workmanship. In addition, the compact design enables use in machines and systems with limited space. Version with IP20 as high-voltage LED lamp. The almost 90 ° rotatability of the luminaire allows illumination of the application area down to the last corner – light exactly where you need it.

Variants and technical data

 Artikelnummer / Item number:Länge / Length:Leistung / Power:Lichtstrom /
Luminous flux:
Emax @ 1m:Farbtemperatur / Color temperature:
PS MultiLED 0857 AC mit Ein/Aus Schalter1032.000.073372 mm
8 W748 lm226 lx5700 K
PS MultiLED 1657 AC mit Ein/Aus Schalter1032.000.074625 mm16 W1496 lm452 lx 5700 K
PS MultiLED 2457 AC mit Ein/Aus Schalter 1032.000.077880 mm24 W2244 lm678 lx5700 K
PS MultiLED 3257 AC mit Ein/Aus Schalter1032.000.0781134 mm32 W2991 lm904 lx5700 K
PS MultiLED 0840 AC mit Ein/Aus Schalter1032.000.085372 mm
8 W748 lm226 lx4000 K
PS MultiLED 1640 AC mit Ein/Aus Schalter1032.000.086625 mm16 W1496 lm452 lx 4000 K
PS MultiLED 2440 AC mit Ein/Aus Schalter 1032.000.080880 mm24 W2244 lm678 lx4000 K
PS MultiLED 3240 AC mit Ein/Aus Schalter1032.000.0811134 mm32 W2991 lm904 lx4000 K
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