PS ProtectLED – RGBW luminaire

Designed for industrial use, especially in mechanical engineering, the RGBW luminaire offers a perfectly illuminated working area through the use of combination LEDs and at the same time acts as an RGB signal light element. The design of metal, plastic and borosilicate glass is packed with powerful RGBW LEDs. The high thermal shock resistance and high resistance to water, acids, lyes and organic substances make the RGBW luminaire versatile – even in harsh environments.


  • Illuminating machines and displaying production steps / machine statuses
  • High resistance to water, dust, acids, alkalis and organic substances
  • Extremely robust
  • Various clamps for easy assembly
  • Borosilicate glass tube (thickness = 5mm)

Variant overview and technical data


Family data sheet PS ProtectLED RGBW 3.000 K

Family data sheet PS ProtectLED RGBW 5.700 K

Manual PS ProtectLED RGBW (All Variants)

Area of application

  • Machine tool
  • Production plant
  • Printing machines
  • Woodworking / Metalworking
  • Textile machines


Overview of PS ProtectLED mounting clamps (all variants) 


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