PS WorkLED SE – Rotatable

230 V (AC)
4 m connecting cable with Schuko plug
5.700 K


Extremely slim and space-saving design
Easy installation on common workplace profiles
Integrated control gear
Standard dimming via button
Save the desired brightness level
Adjust the light to the working area by turning function

Assembly workplace
Workshop workplace
Inspection workplace
Laboratory workplace
Elektronc workplace

Comprehensive lighting technology know-how from Pfeifer and Seibel and continuous research form the basis of our highly efficient LED systematic luminaire for workbenches and tables in industry. With its high illuminance, which, depending on the luminaire, is well above the values required in the relevant standards, the PS WorkLED SE stands for a plus in performance. The multifunction button allows dimming the lamp and adjusting the personal light requirement, as well as saving the desired brightness level (double press). The mounting options of the PS WorkLED SE lamps are compatible with the common system profiles and all other surfaces. The rotating function of this LED task light ensures that the light can be adjusted individually to the employee. This LED systematic luminaire creates an optimal light at the industrial workstation.

Variants and technical data

Beschreibung /
Artikelnummer /
Item number:
Nennspannung /
Nominal voltage:
Leistung / Power:Länge / Length:Emax @1m:
PS WorkLED SE rotatable 10401029.000.001230 V AC13 W536 mm557 lx
PS WorkLED SE rotatable 30401029.000.002230 V AC21 W661 mm903 lx
PS WorkLED SE rotatable 40401029.000.003230 V AC32 W976 mm1409 lx
PS WorkLED SE rotatable 50401029.000.004230 V AC40 W1171 mm1841 lx
PS WorkLED SE rotatable 1040 ESD1029.000.081230 V AC13 W536 mm531 lx
PS WorkLED SE rotatable 3040 ESD1029.000.082230 V AC21 W661 mm861 lx
PS WorkLED SE rotatable 4040 ESD1029.000.083230 V AC32 W976 mm1345 lx
PS WorkLED SE rotatable 5040 ESD1029.000.084230 V AC40 W1171 mm1756 lx
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