PS WorkLED SE – Lateral

230 V (AC)
4 m connecting cable with Schuko plug
5.700 K


Extremely slim and space-saving design
Easy installation on common workplace profiles
Integrated control gear
Standard dimming via button
Save the desired brightness level

Assembly workplace
Workshop workplace
Inspection workplace
Laboratory workplace
Elektronc workplace

If more light is needed on the work surface for the finest activities, this standard dimmable LED task light comes into play for lateral mounting. Thanks to the integrated mounting bracket, the PS WorkLED SE Lateral can be installed as desired in terms of height and beam angle, and allows either completely shadow-free illumination or an intended shadow effect.

Variants and technical data

 Artikelnummer /
Item number:
Nennspannung /
Nominal voltage:
Leistung / Power:Länge / Length:Emax @1m:
PS WorkLED SE - lateral 10401029.000.061230 V (AC)13 W465 mm557 lx
PS WorkLED SE - lateral 1040 ESD1029.000.062230 V (AC)13 W465 mm531 lx
PS WorkLED SE - lateral 4040 AC1029.000.065230 V (AC)7 W337 mm255 lx
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