Clean-room luminaire - PS TubeLED 590nm

This Clean-room luminaire is ideal for processes in photolithography.
The LEDs of the clean room luminaire installed in the wavelength range of 590 nm ensure optimal and economical illumination of the clean room. This guarantees an optimal lithography process. The electrical installation can be easily implemented using an M12 connector. The clips included in the scope of delivery ensure quick and easy installation. Due to our high degree of flexibility, this cleanroom yellow light luminaire can be customized for requirements.

  • Suitable for photolithography
  • UV-free
  • Modern LED technology
  • Adaptable to different requirements
  • Direct connection to 24 volt machine voltage via M12 connector
  • Easy installation using mounting clips (included in delivery)

 Artikelnummer /
Item number:
Nennspannung /
Nominal voltage:
Leistung / Power:Länge / Length:Nominale Wellenlänge / Nominal wavelength
PS TubeLED 340, 590nm4210.000.03124 V (DC)7,06 W340 mm590 nm @ 25°C (593 nm @Top.)*

* Top .: operating temperature
The semiconductor material of the LED is temperature-dependent. This means that the lighting data change until the operating temperature is reached and only remain stable after that. This is a natural physical effect and has no adverse effect on the quality and lifespan of the product.

Datasheet PS TubeLED 590 nm
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  • Mounting clips (included)
  • Clean rooms

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