LED Special Lighting Solutions – Innovative Lighting Concepts

Lighting SolutionsOur Special Lighting solutions combined with the latest LED technology offer various possibilities to fulfil challenging and individual requirements. Pfeifer und Seibel realises customised and high-qualitative solutions for individual lighting demands in the area of LED special lighting. Additionally, our experienced team of developers creates customised and operation-optimised electronic components, which are produced in our own manufacture and directly used at the latest production lines. Electronic Manufacturing Service – just in time.

Together with our reliable and well-known pool of suppliers, our LED luminaire manufacture guarantees highest quality standards and a rapid processing of tasks.

Your Vision and Our Expertise: the Perfect Unity of Emotion and Technology

A sophisticated lighting system does not only brighten a room. PS-Leuchten (PS-Luminaires) furnishes your company or private facilities with stylish lighting installations. A perfectly adjusted LED lighting increases wellbeing and the work efficiency of your employees.

LED Special Lighting Solutions by Pfeifer und Seibel – the Ideal Partner for Your Lighting Project

Pfeifer und Seibel is a reliable Full-Service-Partner and offers you a comprehensive realisation of your project. Whether it is about the optimisation of standard products, a series production, the realisation of a prototype, or the development of completely new lighting concepts, at Pfeifer und Seibel you get the All in One-Package for your specific lighting enquiry. From a consultation full of ideas via the technical implementation through to the final service: We stand by your side at every phase of your lighting project with expertise and customised lighting solutions.

From consulting, development, compilation of ideal components through to the equipping and implementation of circuit boards; this is what our professional service portfolio is distinguished for in the field of modern lighting technology.

Complex LED Lighting Solutions for Every Demand

No matter if you focus on pre-assembled lighting systems or LED special lighting solutions, modern lighting technology is becoming more demanding. However, Light Manufacturing offers an enormous potential: react to problems in the workflow with Special Lighting, minimise the physical effort of your employees and increase their efficiency by a perfectly illuminated workspace with a LED customisation.

We would be pleased to assist you in stylishly and creatively illuminating shops, exhibition stands, city objects of prestige, or fulfilling unique dreams of a home full of light. The combination of functionality and exclusive design plays a significant role in the private domain.

There are no boundaries to what we can do. Pfeifer und Seibel’s lighting engineers find a solution for every problem with flexibility and commitment. As an example, they developed a LED technology, which was integrated into the cover page of a magazine. They also created a lighting system for the automotive industry with which you can detect damages to the painting quick and easy. You can adapt the levels of brightness to diverse shades. With that, effect pigment sizes or colour spray patterns can be easily detected.

Special Lighting: Energy-saving, ecological, cost-effective

We install LED spotlights, dimmable LED luminaires, LED spots and many more. Our focus is on energy-saving LED lighting technology. Within our Special Lighting area we also develop LED luminaires, which use high-voltage technology. There, a control gear is not necessary thanks to rectified AC voltage. As a result, fewer components need to be built in the LED luminaire, reducing costs and failure probability, as well as increasing service life and efficiency of the LED luminaires. The high-voltage LED luminaires are dimmable up to 25 percent without any loss of quality.

Perfection made in Germany

Profit from our location advantage. Thanks to short transport routes PS-Leuchten (PS-Luminaires) customers profit from our location in Germany and save time, as well as customs and freight charges. Our production made in Germany does not only show in the precision of our work, but also in high flexibility, quick response time and absolute secrecy of your projects and ideas.

A LED Special Lighting Solution by Pfeifer und Seibel

As an expert in lighting technology and electronics Pfeifer und Seibel is a competent partner with many years of experience. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1996. Our qualified employees constantly educate themselves further to meet the latest requirements on the lighting market.

Contact us and get comprehensively advised by our friendly service staff. We guarantee a reliable and personal service, adherence to schedules and highest quality – the team at PS-Leuchten (PS-Luminaires) is looking forward to getting to know you.

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LED Plant Lighting for an Ideal Growth

A large choice of fresh fruits and vegetables in winter? Lush house plants in dark rooms? For many of our demands concerning plants the sunlight in our latitudes is not enough. The solution: An ideal LED Plant Lighting adds the missing sunlight through artificial lighting to reach an adequate growth.

Increase Quality of Work with an Ideal Polishing Booth Lighting

Specific visual tasks are crucial for the right choice of lighting. These tasks are primarily determined by size, shape and speed of operation of the products.

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