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Surface control with modern LED technology

Oberflächenkontrolle No matter whether it is about the assessment of color tones, color deviations, paint or surface irritation or the finest scratches and bumps. Often, the incidence of daylight and the existing lighting is not sufficient to perform a surface inspection in high quality. This can lead to errors and a related claim, which in turn requires rework and thus costs valuable working time and money. Our LED lights allow for the most accurate inspection to determine if the surface is flawless. With these special technologies, different light situations can be simulated, making even the smallest errors such as inclusions, cloud formation or color differences visible. Our LED luminaires use exactly these new techniques and technologies as the key to successful surface control.


LED light DeepSee (intensively directed light)

Deepsee Leuchte zur Oberflächenkontrolle

In order to visualize holograms, polished veils or dull areas, a high point luminance is required, which simulates extremely intense solar radiation. This is ensured by high-power LEDs which are bundled and directed with narrow-beam optics. This creates an extremely high level of illumination on the surface.

LED light Surface (strip light)

To detect errors, reflections on the surface are needed. Our LED lights bring a strip light on the surface to be tested, which represents a high contrast between light and dark. If there is a damaged area on the surface, the striped pattern is deflected and distorted. The modules installed in the luminaire are very tightly fitted with LEDs. Thus, a narrow intense light stripe is projected onto the surface to be tested.

Licht für die Oberflächenkontrolle


PS MobileLightInspector for a successful surface control

Our vision was to create an affordable alternative to large and expensive light tunnels. An alternative for small businesses, bodywork repair shops and garages covering the full range of advanced LED lighting for surface and paint inspection.

With the PS MobileLightInspector, this vision is now a reality.

  • Customized configuration of luminaire types
  • Moveable segments with mounted LED luminaires
  • Central dimming control unit of individual luminaire types
  • Easy integration
  • Low installation effort
  • On request with luminaire superstructure
  • On request constructed as a complete light tunnel segment
Lack- und Oberflaechenkontrolle mit moderner LED Technik

Configuration example

Oberflächenkontrolle mit Light INspector

1. Frame made of system profiles, 2. Surface LED light (3 pieces), 3. Deepsee LED light (3 pieces), 4. Heavy duty castors, 5. 3-channel control unit for controlling each individual color temperature

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