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UV lights for industrial applications – PS UV LED

UV Leuchten in verschiedenen Wellenlängen
UV Leuchten im Lichtspektrum

UV lights can be used in many ways

Generally, UV light can be classified in the wavelength range between 100 nm and 400 nm. It should be noted that radiation between 380 nm and 400 nm is referred to as visible radiation, although this wavelength range is by definition also in the range of UV radiation.

UV lights from Pfeifer and Seibel with different wavelengths (depending on the variant) are particularly suitable for curing paints, coatings, varnishes and adhesives. Since the ultraviolet radiation penetrates glass, our UV lights are also ideally suited for material testing (e.g. cracks in the glass).

Other areas of application of UV lights

  • Making solvents visible
  • Black light applications
  • Authentication of documents
  • Material testing
  • Judicial or criminological purposes

Product advantages PS UV LED

  • Ultra slim and space saving design
  • Easy installation using screws (e.g. on common system profiles)
  • Direct connection to 230 volts with integrated control gear possible (variant PS UVLed 10 S)
  • Find a UV lamp for your application

All UV lights from Pfeifer and Seibel are available in different lengths to ensure an individual adaptation to their application. The compact design of the luminaires enables optimal use even when space is limited. The variant with M12 sensor connector can be easily connected to 24 volts. Thanks to the integrated control gear, the 230 volt variant can be connected directly to 230 volts.

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