Technische Leuchten und EMS Dienstleistungen

High quality LED industrial lighting and customized OEM solutions #WeLightUpTheIndustry

With a broad product portfolio from the field of industrial lighting and LED special solutions, PS Leuchten serves many exciting industries – from mechanical engineering to the leisure and automotive industries to medical technology. Benefit from planning, development and production from a single source and rely on first-class quality and top know-how. 


UVA LED luminaire for industrial applications

> Available in different wavelengths: 365 nm 385 nm 395 nm 405 nm

> Curing of coatings and adhesives
> Visibility of solvents
> Authentication of documents 
> Material testing

PS WorkLED Sunlike - So close to the sun

Arbeitsplatzleuchte Tageslicht

Our OEM solutions

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Light for industrial applications and technology

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