For more than 50 years, we at Pfeifer und Seibel write a story of success on the lighting market. We understand light as a crucial element of our lives – it has an influence on health and affects our biological clock.We make light intelligently controllable in our products and projects, and adjust it to every situation. Our product portfolio predominantly contains workplace luminaires for industrial usage and offices.Let the breath-taking future of light become reality and design the fascinating living- and workspaces of tomorrow with us.


Lighting Solutions

Our Special Lighting solutions combined with the latest LED technology offer various possibilities to fulfil challenging and individual requirements. Pfeifer und Seibel realises customised and high-qualitative solutions for individual lighting demands in the area of LED special lighting.

Beleuchtung von Industriearbeitsplätzen

Properly illuminating workplaces puts a high demand on lighting technology. For years, Pfeifer und Seibel has been intensively addressing ergonomic, high-performance lighting solutions for assembly- and laboratory workplaces.


Pfeifer und Seibel’s solutions for office lighting unite efficiency and German quality. Our experts are continuously dealing with latest developments in the lighting industry and, based on that, conceptualise innovative lighting solutions.


LED Leuchten für Montagearbeitsplätze

The rotatable PS WorkLED SE lateral LED System luminaire is precisely tailored to the demanding visual tasks in the laboratory, in assembly workplaces or even in workstations in electronics manufacturing.


The LED strip light PS SlimLED convinces with ergonomic and glare-free light. It is versatile and applicable to various areas of activity.


The LED free standing luminaire of the CLARA LED family fulfills lighting tasks at the VDU workplace with bravura. The modern LED technology and a homogeneous light distribution with a high, glare-free direct component ensure a high visual comfort.


LED Plant Lighting for an Ideal Growth

A large choice of fresh fruits and vegetables in winter? Lush house plants in dark rooms? For many of our demands concerning plants the sunlight in our latitudes is not enough. The solution: An ideal LED Plant Lighting adds the missing sunlight through artificial lighting to reach an adequate growth.

Increase Quality of Work with an Ideal Polishing Booth Lighting

Specific visual tasks are crucial for the right choice of lighting. These tasks are primarily determined by size, shape and speed of operation of the products.