High-quality LED industrial lights

With a wide product portfolio of LED lights, we provide optimal lighting for demanding visual tasks. All luminaires are developed and manufactured in-house.

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With high-quality and bright LED workplace lights, you can create your own personal lighting needs at the workplace. Whether as basic lighting for the work desk or to specifically illuminate certain areas.

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LED UV lights can be used in a variety of ways in industry. Through the targeted use of the right UV radiation, work processes can be optimised, which in turn leads to an increase in profitability.

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Nowadays, LED machine lights provide more than just the necessary illumination of the work area. In addition to a perfectly illuminated production environment, the aspect of employee safety, withstanding extreme temperatures and mechanical influences plays a major role.

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Excellent for processes in which unintentional exposure must be avoided (e.g. in photolithography). The LED lights in the wavelength range of 590nm provide UV-free light.

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Our bestsellers

LED UV Light


Individually adaptable due to different lengths. Compact design enables optimum use in confined spaces. Available in different wavelengths.

LED machine lights

PS ProtectLED

The application possibilities are limitless due to the many variants. Even in harsh environments (for example under chip bombardment), the PS ProtectLED provides strong light.

LED Workplace light


Compatible with common system profiles. The rotary function ensures perfect illumination of a specific area. The multi-function push-button allows the light to be dimmed and the desired brightness level to be saved.

LED machine lights


Robust workmanship for first-class illumination. The compact design enables use in machines and systems with limited space. The almost 90° rotatability enables illumination of the application area right into the furthest corner.

LED lights with special solutions

Through our holistic service, we create a high level of satisfaction among our customers. We are happy to realise special customer requests and implement your special wishes. It does not matter whether you would like to have a completely new product developed or an existing product modified for your requirements.

LED LEuchte für Werkstatt

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