Workplace lighting with proven technology in a slim design

PS WorkLED SE workplace lighting –
This is how light goes at the industrial workplace!

LED Arbeitsplatzleuchten / Systemleuchte der PS WorkLED SEIt can work better with the right light. That’s why when developing the PS WorkLED SE, we’ve set great store by creating workplace luminaires that deliver high productivity and quality, while taking into account the health and safety of workers. The task lights are packed with features to meet any demanding visual task. If you do not find the right solution for our standard products, we will gladly work with you to develop tailor-made special solutions for your application.

The narrowest workplace lighting in the world for modern industrial workplaces:

No matter which version you prefer, every single PS WorkLED SE impresses with its slim design, which blends harmoniously into common workstation systems with its almost frameless light band. The luminaires measure at a height of 33 mm in width 51 mm and are available in different lengths. The high-quality and resistant aluminum profile ensures optimum cooling and gives the luminaire a long service life and convincing value.

Schmale LED Arbeitsplatzleuchte

Which workplace would you like to supply to the last corner with healthy light?

Assembly workplace
Workshop workplace
Inspection workstation
Lab workstation
Electronics workstation

Drehbare Arbeitsplatzleuchte

LED workplace light that can be adapted to any employee!

Tool-free alignment, dimming by default and saving the desired brightness:

The standard dimmability of the task lights ensures that the lights can be individually adjusted to the employees. This creates optimal lighting when using the workstations for all employees. Double-press the multifunction switch to save the desired brightness.

Dimmbare LED Arbeitsplatzleuchte
Drehbare LED Arbeitsplatzleuchte

The swiveling variants of the PS WorkLED SE can be adjusted to the individual requirements without tools and thus help to avoid reflected glare. What a perfectly adjusted lighting is for a small person can mean reflection and poorly lit areas for a large person. If you do not see properly, you will subconsciously adjust your posture to better visibility – which in extreme cases can lead to unhealthy body posture and back pain and tension.


Eeasy attachment

The mounting options of the PS WorkLED lights are compatible with the common system profiles but also with other workstation systems. Various standardized lengths of luminaires and numerous connection options offer even more flexibility for easy integration with new or existing workplaces.

Glare-free cover

The cover of the luminaires stands out with its excellent translucence and brilliance, while at the same time ensuring perfect dispersion – this ensures homogeneous illumination of the working area and avoids unwanted shadowing.

Integrated operating device

Many variants of the PS WorkLED SE – task lights are available with integral control gear and can be connected directly to 230 volts.

Connection options

Rotatable variants – PS WorkLED SE Rotatable:
Direct connection to 230 V (integrated operating device)
Fixed versions – PS WorkLED SE Fixed / Duo / HCL :
Connection via Wieland GST15 connector (230 V AC)
Whoops! It looks like you forgot to specify an icon. Connection via M12 cable (24 V DC driver not integrated)
Whoops! It looks like you forgot to specify an icon. Through-wiring Side Variants – PS WorkLED SE Lateral :
Direct connection to 230 V (integrated operating device

Protection against ESD

Electrostatic discharges cause enormous damage every year, especially in electronics manufacturing. All lights of PS WorkLED SE are therefore also available in versions with ESD protection.

Find the PS WorkLED SE that suits you.

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