PS WorkLED Duo Sunlike

LED task light with daylight LED system

Areas of application
  • Assembly workstation
  • Workshop workstation
  • Inspection workstation
  • Laboratory workstation
  • Electronics workstation
Variants and technical data
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Family data sheet PS WorkLED Duo Sunlike
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3D Data of all Variants (Zip)
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User manual PS WorkLED Duo Sunlike
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Product description

This LED system light for industry increases people’s well-being. The reason for this is a new LED light system that resembles natural sunlight. In the LEDs installed in the lighting system, the blue light components are reduced so that the LEDs resemble the spectral curve of sunlight. This reduces stray reflections and glare, which are common with conventional LEDs. This system achieves results that promote well-being by creating a healthier and more productive working environment. This in turn has a positive effect on visual comfort, mood and sleep intensity.