The cost-effective alternative to conventional LED system lights

Areas of application
  • Assembly workstation
  • Workshop workstation
  • Machines and systems
  • Industrial applications
Variants and technical data
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Family data sheet PS SlimLED
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Product description

The PS SlimLED is the ideal LED task light for workshops, laboratories and other industrial applications where the budget for operating equipment is limited. With its outstanding features, this LED task light sets new standards in terms of lighting technology and user-friendliness. As an extremely cost-effective alternative to conventional LED task lights, the PS SlimLED does not compromise on quality. Benefit from the advantages of LED technology without putting a major strain on your budget. With its slim and modern design, the PS SlimLED blends seamlessly into any working environment. Its slim design ensures maximum illumination of the work area without taking up valuable space. The push-button built into the task light enables effortless control of the light. This allows the light to be adjusted to suit any time of day, task or personal preference. Installing the PS SlimLED is extremely simple. The plug-in power supply unit supplied and the mounting brackets on the luminaire enable quick attachment to all standard workstation systems. You can benefit from first-class lighting in just a few minutes.